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** Fair Use Policy of 3000 minutes applies. Minutes are to all UTS, Flow, Chippie, Chippieland numbers.

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Prepaid Combo

SMS to 3434





1 day combocombo1d1000100500 MB 1 GB$2.50
3 day combocombo3d10002001.5 GB 3 GB$6.00
7 day combocombo7dUnlimited*3002 GB 4 GB$12.00
30 day combocombo30dUnlimited*5009 GB 18 GB$70.00

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Data Bundle

SMS to 3434



1 day continuoussurfd100100 MB 200 MB$1.49
1 day datadata1d500 MB 1 GB$3.00
3 day datadata3d1.5 GB 3 GB$6.00
7 day datadata7d2 GB 4 GB$10.00
30 day datadata30ds1 GB 2 GB$20.00
30 day datadata30dl4 GB 8 GB$30.00

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